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Laura Koch


Laura was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. She attended Colorado State University. There, she majored in sociology with a concentration in criminology and criminal justice. During her undergraduate studies, she interned as an investigator with the Fort Collins Public Defender’s Office. It was that experience which sparked her passion for defending the accused and the indigent.

After college, Laura received her paralegal certification from the Community College of Denver. She then came to work with Jim and Liz.

In her time with Castle and Castle, Laura wears many hats, all of which overlap to some degree. She is a certified paralegal, a licensed private investigator and is trained as a mitigation specialist. Laura assists the team by collecting and analyzing records; interviewing clients, witnesses, and family members; conducting mitigation interviews and evaluations, and preparing pleadings, timelines, and exhibits for hearings and trials. She maintains connections with clients and their families in order to sustain positive relationships throughout representation, and beyond.

Over the years, Laura has served as the paralegal, investigator and/or mitigation specialist on over ten murder cases, six of which were clients who faced the death penalty. Laura is an indispensable member of the defense teams for Castle & Castle, both in and out of court. She has been at counsel table for multiple first-degree murder acquittals and has been very much a part of the results.

Laura’s favorite part of the job is our clients. For most of them, dealing with their legal situation may be the worst time in their lives. It’s important for her to make the clients feel heard, understood and to know they have a team fighting for them. It is not just her considerable talents and intellect that Laura literally, and figuratively, brings to the table but it is her sincere kindness to all that marks her as a truly outstanding member of the defense team.

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