White Collar Theft

White Collar, Embezzlement & Theft Defense

Protecting Those Charged With White Collar, Embezzlement & Theft Crimes

The criminal defense lawyer of Castle & Castle provide highly skilled representation for clients facing white collar criminal charges such as fraud, employee theft or false statement crimes, and theft charges. To discuss your options for resolving these charges in state or federal court, contact our office in Denver.

Understanding Your White Collar Criminal Charge

Unlike such crimes as robbery or assault, white collar crimes are generally based on a paper or electronic documentary record. Both the proof and the defense of fraud charges will usually depend on a careful analysis of what might be thousands of pages of bank records, computer files, loan documents or other evidence. Our job is to master the facts of the case against you before the prosecution does, and to achieve a reduction or dismissal of your charges as quickly as possible.

In white collar crime defense, the client stands to benefit from the work of an energetic and proactive defense attorney. The chance that you will catch a break from the prosecution, increases with the amount of work we put the government through. Hard work and early engagement with the prosecution are key tactics in an effective defense strategy.

We Represent Colorado Defendants in Both State & Federal Court

Because of the interstate nature of many alleged fraud schemes, or the likelihood that a federally insured financial institution might be the victim of fraud, many white collar crimes are charged in federal court.

No matter the court in which your case is charged, we can protect you against the risk of conviction or punishment in situations such as the following:

  • Mortgage fraud
  • Bank, mail or wire fraud
  • Insurance fraud
  • Health care fraud
  • State or federal tax fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • Bribery
  • Extortion
  • Money laundering
  • Prescription fraud
  • Medicaid or Medicare fraud
  • Immigration fraud / document forgery

Embezzlement Defense Attorney

Embezzlement charges such as employee theft or theft by forgery can be especially difficult, because the person charged runs not only the risk of severe criminal punishment, but also faces the loss of a job or the destruction of a career.

At the criminal defense law firm of Castle & Castle in Denver, our attorney understands what you are going through. Not only do we have the experience and skill to develop and present your defense, but we also know how to work with you and the prosecution for a reduction or dismissal of charges. 

By attacking the government's case early and often, we can wear down the prosecution and shake its confidence in the case against you. We can reduce the case to its essential issues and help you decide whether you should take them to trial or negotiate a favorable plea. In many cases, we have successfully negotiated misdemeanor pleas on what were originally felony charges.

Better yet, the facts of your case might indicate the possibility of diversion or deferred judgment. Both of these outcomes can lead to the eventual dismissal of the case or the opportunity to seal your criminal record.

We Select the Defense Team That is Right for Your Case

Most embezzlement cases will involve the participation of experts. We might use a forensic accountant to challenge the government's allegations of dollar amounts or a document expert to analyze signatures and routing on incriminating records. In cases where the offense might be related to a drug or gambling problem, we will usually seek the involvement of a skilled therapist to assess the risk of reoffending and outline an effective treatment program.

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