Juvenile Crimes

Juvenile Defense & Minors in Possession

Helping Young People Charged With Juvenile Crimes

At Castle & Castle, our criminal defense attorney take's pride in the willingness and ability to help young people facing misdemeanor or felony charges in Colorado. To learn how our experience can protect the future of your son or daughter, contact us in Denver for a free consultation.

We provide a full range of juvenile defense services, including the following:

Our Approach to Juvenile Criminal Defense

Our main objective is to protect our client from the risk of criminal punishment. In juvenile cases, however, we also want to make sure that your son or daughter will not suffer additional consequences in the form of lost educational opportunities or barriers to success in a future career.

For example, even a misdemeanor conviction on a marijuana possession ticket can destroy the chance that a young person will qualify for a federal student loan. We therefore concentrate on long-term consequences while working toward the resolution of immediate problems.

Our lawyer can advise your family and represent your child with a full spectrum of juvenile defense problems:

  • Violent crimes, including those with the risk of certification to adult court
  • Drug offenses ranging from possession to distribution
  • Underage drinking
  • Underage DUI and other traffic offenses
  • Vehicular homicide or assault cases
  • Property crimes (shoplifting, burglary, auto theft, arson, etc.)
  • Stalking, harassment or threats
  • Internet or computer crimes
  • Juvenile probation violations

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Jim Castle is a parent and understands that the defense of a juvenile almost always requires working hand in glove with parents who will have invaluable insight into to the matters which brought the child to our offices. Castle & Castle bring understanding and compassion to our defense of juvenile cases. You will find that they are just as committed to your child's future as you are.

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