What to Do After an Arrest

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Colorado State is starting to get a reputation as one of the more lenient states in the country when it comes to criminal violations, especially those related to drug crimes. Despite this idea, there are still so many ways someone can be placed in cuffs, even over actions that might have been inadvertent, such as possessing marijuana illegally when you thought you were completely abiding by the law. In fact, in some ways, matters have only become more convoluted as legislators try to clear up drug laws in our state.

In case you wind up being arrested for a criminal violation or drug crime, you should know a few things ahead of time that can smooth out the road later on.

  1. Stay calm: During the actual arrest, any sort of uncooperative behavior can be seen as the crime of resisting arrest; even if you are innocent of everything else, you will become guilty of at least this violation. Remember: being arrested is not the same as being convicted.
  2. Remain silent: The Miranda warning should be read to you, and it will include your right to remain silent. You are going to want to tell the police officer that you would like to use your Fifth Amendment rights, and only agree to interrogation with an attorneyspresent.
  3. Remember what happened first: More often than you might realize, law enforcement officials make arrests without the proper grounds to do so, especially in drug crime cases. Unlawful searches and seizures can completely dismantle the prosecution's claims, so try to remember the events leading up to your arrest and relay them to your lawyer as accurately as you can.
  4. Retain an attorney: The law is not crafted to exactly be on your side. Obscure rules or convoluted legalese could mean you are left in the dark when being read your charges or asked questions about the alleged crime. Be sure to use your phone call to retain a criminal defense lawyer you can trust.

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