What is Prescription Fraud?


When most people get a prescription drug or medication, they follow the instructions to the letter, or do their best to do so, anyway. Most of us do not realize that how a prescription is used and obtained could verge dangerously on prescription fraud.

The primary definition of prescription fraud is obtaining a prescription without the express approval and consent of a licensed medical professional, usually someone who has diagnosed or evaluated your condition. It can also be committed by intentionally altering a prescription, such as modifying the doctor's note to make it seem like you require more drugs than first prescribed. Even abusing a prescription can be considered a drug crime.

Defense from a Denver Drug Crime Attorney

Prescription fraud cases are peculiar on the surface, and can be even more complicated underneath. Oftentimes, the alleged perpetrator is not even aware that they have committed prescription fraud. Sometimes they want to save themselves a trip in the future and attempt to get multiple prescriptions filled at once; although this is an arguably clever way to save time, it could be illegal. In other cases, a pharmacist may deny a prescription but not make it clear as to why, leaving the individual feeling shorted or mistreated. In response, they go to another pharmacy to see if the professionals there are more reasonable, unaware that they have just "doctor shopped", a form of prescription fraud.

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